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Distance Learning, Telemedicine, And Broadband Program: Broadband Loans

Open Date:


Close Date:


Upcoming Milestones:

Eligible Recipients:

  • Cooperatives
  • Local Governments
  • Native/Tribal Entities
  • Private Sector
  • State Governments

Program Purpose:

  • Other Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications / Broadband

Reserved for Energy



Rural Utilities Service

Funded by:

U.S. Department of Agriculture


The Rural Broadband Access Loan and Loan Guarantee Program (Broadband Program) make loans and loan guarantees to finance construction, improvement, or acquisition of facilities and equipment needed to provide high speed broadband service in eligible rural areas.

Broadband infrastructure: broadband loans provide funding on a technology-neutral basis for financing: the construction, improvement, and acquisition of facilities required to provide broadband service, including facilities required for providing other services through the same facilities; the cost of leasing facilities required to provide service at the broadband Lending speed if such lease qualifies as a capital lease under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; and the acquisition of such facilities, under certain circumstances and with restrictions. For additional detail see 7 CFR 1738.

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Funding Details

Funding Source:
Funding Type:
Total Amount Available:
Limit per Applicant:
Estimated Awards:

Applicant Guidance

Contact Information

Loan Origination and Approval Division at (202) 720-0800

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