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BIL Section 41006(a)(2): U.S. Tidal Energy Advancement

Open Date:

Close Date:


Upcoming Milestones:


Eligible Recipients:

  • Educational Institution
  • Local Government
  • Native/Tribal Entity
  • Private Sector
  • State Government

Program Purpose:

  • Energy Infrastructure

Reserved for Energy


Funded by:

U.S. Department of Energy


The purpose of this modification is to announce the addition of a $10 million topic area to its proposed funding opportunity DE-EE0002845 BIPARTISAN INFRASTRUCTURE LAW (BIL), SECTION 41006(A)(2): U.S. TIDAL ENERGY ADVANCEMENT to advance tidal and current energy systems, bringing the total funding to $45 million. This new topic area will support at least one tidal or current energy planning and execution project in the United States, preferably led by a community-based organization or local/municipal government entity. With the addition of this topic area, WPTO’s funding opportunity will advance a comprehensive approach to tidal and current energy development in the United States, ranging from funding community-led planning and project execution to making the first large-scale investment in a tidal research, development, and demonstration site.

To support the development of tidal and current energy systems in the United States, and move the state of these technologies, DOE will provide the first large scale investment for the development of a tidal Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) site. This FOA will provide $35 million in total funding supporting Section 41006(a)(2) to fund a tidal or river current site development, preferably led by a project/site developer in the U.S., and fund in-water demonstration of at least one tidal energy system.

The overall goals of this FOA are to: build upon state clean energy strategies with local partners; attract competitive tidal/current developers for technology site integration; improve tidal/current Research and Development (R&D); build site infrastructure and supply chains, with increased participation at the state level, including local agency, tribal and university research participation; and establish a working business model covering site development to commercial scale.

Related Resources

Additional information is available on the Resources page.

Funding Details

Funding Source:
Funding Type:
Technical Assistance
Total Amount Available:
Limit per Applicant:
Estimated Awards:

Applicant Guidance

DOE is compiling a "teaming" partner list to facilitate widespread participation in this FOA. This list allows organizations with expertise in the topics to express their interest to potential applicants and to explore potential partnerships. Please see the Teaming List for more information.



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