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Carbon Negative Shot Pilots

Open Date:

Expected release date of early FY 24

Close Date:

Upcoming Milestones:

Eligible Recipients:

Program Purpose:

  • Energy Infrastructure

Reserved for Energy



Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED)

Funded by:

U.S. Department of Energy


DOE has issued a notice of intent (NOI) outlining its intent to publish a series of Carbon Negative Shot (CNS)-aligned funding opportunities focused on supporting the advancement and maturation of a suite of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies.

DOE anticipates four areas of interest (AOIs) for Carbon Negative Shot Pilots:

  • Anticipated AOI-1. Small Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS) Pilots: Expected funding for up to 5 biomass carbon removal with sequestration or utilization (including electricity, liquid transportation fuels, hydrogen, pyrolysis, gasification, and/or burial, sinking, and alternative conversion or sequestration method) pilots from enacted authorities and appropriations.
  • Anticipated AOI-2. Small Mineralization Pilots: Expected funding for up to 10 enhanced mineralization pilots with appropriate MRV from enacted authorities and appropriations. Enhanced mineralization pilots will demonstrate the potential to leverage alkaline material and accelerated weathering techniques to hasten the rate of CO2 sequestration in exsitu or surficial contexts.
  • Anticipated AOI-3. Multi-Pathway CDR Testbed Facilities: Expected funding for up to 5 CDR testbed facilities suitable for evaluating, developing, and integrating multiple CDR pathways across different ecosystems, climates, and communities. Testbeds should demonstrate capacity to accommodate and enhance the testing of several CDR pathways with common infrastructure, interdisciplinary assessment, and commercialization support.
  • Anticipated AOI-4. Small Marine CDR Pilots: Expected funding for up to 5 marine CDR (mCDR) pilot projects, in lab, closed system, and representative field pilot environments, to demonstrate the feasibility, cost, and scalability of both biotic and abiotic ocean-based approaches, including direct ocean capture of CO2, ocean alkalinity enhancement (mineral and electrochemical), and micro- and macroalgae-based pathway.

Related Resources

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Funding Details

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Grant - match required
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Applicant Guidance

Contact Information

John Hatfield, 304-285-5235, John.Hatfield@netl.doe.gov

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