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Domestic Near Net Shape Manufacturing to Enable a Clean and Competitive Economy

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Anticipated Release Date: April 2023

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Program Purpose:

  • Economic Development
  • Other Infrastructure

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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (AMMTO)

Funded by:

U.S. Department of Energy


There are multiple processing routes for fabricating near net shape (NNS) metallic components, including casting, forging, powder metallurgy (PM), and additive manufacturing (AM). The physical scale of the components being fabricated often pose unique technical, logistical, and economic challenges. The manufacturing of large metallic NNS components with weights over 10 tons (20,000 lbs.) will be the focus of this FOA.

The domestic manufacturing base is currently unable to competitively produce these components, which has resulted in elevated costs, long lead times, reliance on foreign supply chains, and limited ability to produce large, complex systems. This problem impacts multiple manufacturing sectors that are critical to U.S. economy, including transportation, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, domestic infrastructure, and carbon-free power generation. The DOE report on clean energy supply chains and associated deep dive assessment reports highlighted the inability to competitively manufacture large NNS components domestically as one of the common risks/vulnerabilities to secure supply chains for a clean energy transition. The potential for developing and commercializing novel manufacturing processes and technologies capable of producing large metallic NNS components was further discussed in DOE-sponsored workshop in November, 2022.

The primary goal of the FOA is to address the above challenges. Given the importance of large metallic NNS components to deploying a significant portion of national clean power generation goals, it is anticipated that the FOA may include the following Area of Interest: Domestic Near Net Shape Manufacturing to Enable a Clean and Competitive Economy: This involves accelerated development of innovative manufacturing technologies to increase the competitiveness of the domestic near net shape (NNS) manufacturing base and strengthen the clean energy manufacturing supply chain. The technical and economic viability of the proposed manufacturing technologies will be established by producing a full-scale component. The component must be relevant to carbon-free power generation or clean energy manufacturing, and be fabricated utilizing innovative advanced manufacturing technologies.

Project teams are to be comprised of multiple segments across the value/supply chain. The teams must possess the expertise needed to develop the proposed technologies, integrate the technologies (e.g., with applicable process flows, legacy equipment, design methodologies, and other systems), produce a full-scale component, conduct technoeconomic analysis (TEA) and supply chain analysis (SCA), develop a robust transition/commercialization plan, and develop an executable qualification/certification plan.

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