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Energy Communities IWG Summit

The Energy Communities IWG Summit is focused on highlighting how federal investments through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act are supporting fossil energy workers and spur long-term economic revitalization in energy communities. The event and the influx of funding comes on the heels of the two-year anniversary of the creation of the Energy Communities IWG.

The Energy Communities IWG Summit will showcase accomplishments of the interagency working group and highlight the Administration’s ongoing efforts to support the clean energy transition by driving down energy costs, enhancing energy security and jump-starting a new era of clean energy jobs throughout America. Energy community representatives from the 25 priority energy communities will participate in two roundtable discussions with federal officials to discuss challenges and identify solutions to support economic growth and revitalization in energy communities across America.

Access resources from the event here:

Future efforts of the Energy Communities IWG further reinforce the President’s commitment to invest in America to ensure no American is left behind as the nation transitions to a clean energy economy. In 2023, the Energy Communities IWG will continue to build strategic partnerships and connect energy community stakeholders with opportunities available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act. The interagency working group will launch additional webinar series highlighting federal funding, resources and technical assistance opportunities including part two of the, “What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Energy Communities” series.
The Energy Communities IWG will also launch a new Getting Started Guide and Navigator feature to provide technical assistance for transitioning communities. In partnership with energy community stakeholders, the Energy Communities IWG will partner with stakeholders to successfully launch new Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) to provide dedicated federal support to assist priority communities with navigating energy and economic transitions. In May, the Energy Communities IWG will join the Appalachian Regional Commission and Rural Partners Network for federal convening designed to strategically allocate federal resources to support the launch of a RRT in Eastern Kentucky.
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