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Get Assistance

Technical assistance comes in three main forms: funding, services (help from people), and educational resources.

Funding for Technical Assistance

Technical assistance funding is designed to give you money to get the help you need for writing successful grants and managing implementation. Plan ahead for technical assistance funding, as the process of applying and receiving grants may take several months. You can also watch a tutorial video on how to apply for technical assistance.

TitleStatusOpen DateFunding TypeProgram PurposeEligible Recipientshf:tax:statushf:tax:funding_typehf:tax:funding_sourcehf:tax:program_purposehf:tax:eligible_recipients
Rural Cooperative Development Grant Program4/4/2024, , closedgrant-match-requiredannual-appropriationeconomic-development technical-assistanceeducational-institutions non-profits
Rural Community Development Initiative Grants5/4/2023, , , , , closedgrant-match-requiredannual-appropriationeconomic-development technical-assistancelocal-government native-tribal-entity non-profit private-sector state-government
Socially Disadvantaged Groups Grant4/3/2024, closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationeconomic-development technical-assistancenative-tribal-entities
Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Energy Audit and Renewable Energy Development Assistance Grants7/26/21, , , closedgrant-no-matchongoing-appropriationtechnical-assistanceeducational-institution local-government native-tribal-entity public-utility-entity
Solid Waste Management Grants10/2/2023, , , , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationother-infrastructure technical-assistanceeducational-institution general-public local-government native-tribal-entity non-profit private-sector state-government
Water and Waste Water Projects Technical Assistance and Training Grant (TAT)10/1/2021, , closedgrant-no-matchongoing-appropriationother-infrastructure technical-assistancegeneral-public private-sector
Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs: Technical AssistanceContinuousopentechnical-assistancetechnical-assistancenative-tribal-entity
National Community Solar PartnershipContinuous, , , , , , , opentechnical-assistanceannual-appropriationtechnical-assistanceeducational-institutions general-public local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits private-sector public-utility-entities state-governments
State Opioid Response Grants5/2/2024, , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety technical-assistancestate-governments territories
Rural Emergency Medical Services (Rural EMS) Training Grant Program3/1/2023, , closedgrant-match-requiredannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety technical-assistancelocal-government private-sector
BIL Provision: Earth Mapping Resources InitiativeTBD, , , planneddirect-awardbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bilenvironmental-clean-up other-infrastructure technical-assistanceprivate-sector state-government
Energy and Minerals Research FacilityTBD, , plannedgrant-match-requiredbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bileducation-workforce-development strategy-planning technical-assistanceeducational-institution
Formula Grants for Rural AreasContinuous, , , opengrant-match-requiredbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bileconomic-development technical-assistance transportation-infrastructurenative-tribal-entity state-government
Rural Transportation Assistance ProgramContinuous, , plannedgrant-no-matchbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bileducation-and-workforce-development technical-assistance transportation-infrastructurestate-government
Community Facilities Technical Assistance and Training Grant6/3/2024, , , , , closedgrant-no-matcheducation-and-workforce-development technical-assistanceeducational-institutions local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits state-governments
State Opioid Response (SOR)/Tribal Opioid Response (TOR) Technical Assistance5/15/2024, , , , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety technical-assistancecooperatives general-public local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits private-sector state-governments
Indian Health Service Sanitation Facilities Construction ProgramTBD, closeddirect-awardbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bilother-infrastructure technical-assistancenative-tribal-entities
Water & Waste Disposal Technical Assistance & Training Grants10/1/2022, , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationeducation-and-workforce-development technical-assistancecooperative educational-institution native-tribal-entity non-profit
EDA Planning and Local Technical Assistance ProgramsContinuous, , , , opengrant-match-requiredannual-appropriationtechnical-assistanceeducational-institution local-government native-tribal-entity non-profit state-government
Tribal Electrification Program8/15/2023, closedgrant-match-requiredinflation-reduction-act-iraenergy-infrastructure technical-assistancenative-tribal-entity
Neighborhood Access and Equity Grant Program, , , , , closedgrant-match-requiredinflation-reduction-act-iratechnical-assistance transportation-infrastructureeducational-institution local-government native-tribal-entity non-profit state-government
Direct Air Capture (DAC) Pre-Commercial Technology Prize12/13/2022, , , , , , , , , , opendirect-awardbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bilenergy-infrastructure environmental-clean-up health-and-safety technical-assistancecooperatives educational-institutions general-public local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits private-sector state-governments
Innovative Clean Energy: Nuclear Loan Guarantees4/18/2022, , , openloan-guaranteeongoing-appropriationenergy-infrastructure environmental-clean-up health-safety technical-assistanceprivate-sector
Transforming Lives Through Supported Employment Program2/28/2023, , , closedgrant-match-requiredannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety technical-assistancelocal-government native-tribal-entity state-government
Rural Health Care Coordination Program3/23/2023, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationagriculture economic-development education-and-workforce-development efficiency-and-weatherization energy-infrastructure environmental-clean-up health-and-safety low-income-assistance other-infrastructure strategy-planning technical-assistance telecommunications-broadband transportation-infrastructureeducational-institution local-government non-profit state-government
IRA Assistance for the Adoption of the Latest and Zero Building Energy Codes – Round 112/18/2023, , , , , , closedgrant-no-matchinflation-reduction-act-iraenergy-infrastructure environmental-clean-up health-and-safety technical-assistancelocal-governments native-tribal-entities state-governments territories
BIL Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Competitive Program4/5/2023, , , , , , closedgrant-no-matchbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bileducation-and-workforce-development energy-infrastructure environmental-clean-up health-and-safety technical-assistancelocal-government native-tribal-entity state-government
Broadband Technical Assistance6/21/2024, , , , , , , , opengrant-no-matchbipartisan-infrastructure-law-biltechnical-assistance telecommunications-broadbandeducational-institutions local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits private-sector public-utility-entities small-businesses state-governments
SEARCH – Special Evaluation Assistance for Rural Communities and Households Grant (WEP)Continuous, , , , , , opengrant-no-matchannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety low-income-assistance strategy-planning technical-assistancelocal-government native-tribal-entity non-profit state-government
Consolidated Multifamily Housing Technical Assistance Grant Programs5/10/2023, closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationagriculture technical-assistancenon-profit
Central Small Business Transportation Resource Center5/19/2023, , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationstrategy-planning technical-assistanceeducational-institution non-profit
Gulf Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC)5/31/2023, , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationstrategy-planning technical-assistanceeducational-institution local-government non-profit
Great Lakes Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC)5/31/2023, , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationstrategy-planning technical-assistanceeducational-institution local-government non-profit
South Atlantic Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC)5/31/2023, , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationstrategy-planning technical-assistanceeducational-institution non-profit
Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC) Mid-South Atlantic5/23/2023, , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationstrategy-planning technical-assistanceeducational-institution non-profit
SBTRC Southeast5/23/2023, , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationstrategy-planning technical-assistanceeducational-institution non-profit
Technical Assistance and Construction for Innovative Regional Wastewater Treatment Solutions (TAC-RWTS) Grant Pilot Program6/1/2023, , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety other-infrastructure technical-assistanceeducational-institution unincorporated-consortia
Rural and Tribal Assistance Pilot Program NOFO8/14/2023, , , closedgrant-no-matchbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bilstrategy-planning technical-assistancelocal-government native-tribal-entity state-government
Regional Initiative for Technical Assistance Partnerships (RITAP) to Advance Deployment of Basin-Scale Carbon Transport and Storage and Community Engagement12/1/2023, , , , , , , closedgrant-match-requiredbipartisan-infrastructure-law-bilenergy-infrastructure technical-assistanceeducational-institution federal-agencies local-government native-tribal-entity non-profit private-sector state-government
Rural Energy for America (REAP) Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) Program2/20/2024, , , , , closedgrant-no-matchinflation-reduction-act-iratechnical-assistancecooperatives educational-institutions native-tribal-entities non-profits private-sector public-utility-entities
FY23 Thriving Communities Program Capacity Builders Cooperative Agreements9/11/2023, , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationtechnical-assistanceeducational-institution local-government native-tribal-entity non-profit private-sector state-government
Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Grant Program7/5/2023, , , , , closedgrant-match-requiredbipartisan-infrastructure-law-biltechnical-assistance transportation-infrastructureeducational-institution local-government native-tribal-entity non-profit state-government
Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Center10/16/2023, closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationeducation-and-workforce-development technical-assistance
Communities Local Energy Action Program (LEAP) – Round 29/27/2023closedtechnical-assistancetechnical-assistance
Technical Assistance and Training Grant Program (TAT)10/2/2023, closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationeducation-and-workforce-development technical-assistancenon-profit
NE Small Business Transportation Resource Center (SBTRC)10/2/2023, , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationstrategy-planning technical-assistanceeducational-institution local-government non-profit
Rural Health Network Development Planning Program10/25/2023, , , , , , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationstrategy-planning technical-assistancecooperative hospitals national-laboratories native-tribal-entity non-profit private-sector small-business state-government territories
State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) Investing in America Small Business Opportunity Program (SSBCI Investing in America SBOP)4/5/2024, , closedgrant-no-matchamerican-rescue-plan-act-arpaeconomic-development technical-assistancenative-tribal-entities state-governments
Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Native American Program (NACA)12/8/2023, closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationeconomic-development technical-assistancelending-institution
Western Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Center12/12/2023closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationtechnical-assistance
FY 2023 Recompete Pilot Program Phase 212/20/2023, , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationeconomic-development education-and-workforce-development other-infrastructure technical-assistancelocal-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits
Arkansas Technical Assistance Projects Supporting Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Implementation1/31/2024, , , , closedinflation-reduction-act-iratechnical-assistanceeducational-institutions local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits private-sector
New Mexico Conservation Technical Assistance for Outreach and Education2/13/2024, , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationagriculture technical-assistanceeducational-institutions local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits state-governments
Georgia NRCS Technical Assistance2/8/2024, , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationagriculture technical-assistanceeducational-institutions local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits state-governments
Pipeline Safety State Damage Prevention (SDP) Grants2/21/2024, , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationeducation-and-workforce-development health-and-safety technical-assistance transportation-infrastructurestate-governments
Pipeline Technical Assistance Grant (TAG)2/21/2024, , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety technical-assistance transportation-infrastructurelocal-governments
Building Capacity to Increase Commercial Tobacco Cessation2/21/2024, , , , , , , closedgrant-no-matchannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety technical-assistanceeducational-institutions local-governments native-tribal-entities non-profits private-sector small-businesses state-governments
Water Technical Assistance (WaterTA)3/24/2023, opentechnical-assistancebipartisan-infrastructure-law-biltechnical-assistancelocal-governments public-utility-entities
Regional Energy Democracy Initiative (REDI)5/22/2024, , opentechnical-assistancebipartisan-infrastructure-law-bileducation-and-workforce-development energy-infrastructure technical-assistance
Rural Hospital Stabilization Pilot Program6/18/2024, , opengrant-no-matchannual-appropriationhealth-and-safety technical-assistancenative-tribal-entities non-profits
Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning5/23/2024, , closedgrant-match-requiredannual-appropriationtechnical-assistance transportation-infrastructurelocal-governments state-governments

Services and Direct Support

Many organizations, both federal and non-federal, provide opportunities for individual guidance from experts on the grant submission process.

TitleContentSourceDepartment/AgencyPurposeEligible Recipientshf:tax:funding_typehf:tax:program_purposehf:tax:eligible_recipients
Clean Cities Technical Assistance

Connects transportation stakeholders with objective information and experts to assist with alternative fuels, fuel economy improvements, and emerging transportation technologies.

, , , energy-infrastructurecommunities native-tribal-entity non-profit private-sector
Small Business Programs // U.S. Department of the Treasury

Supports small businesses through loans, credit support, and engagement with financial institutions

EPA’s Environmental Finance Center Network

Free help on training and technical assistance to small wastewater and decentralized wastewater treatment works serving approx. 10,000 or fewer people.

other-infrastructure technical-assistancecommunities
DOE Office of Tribal Energy Technical Assistance

Technical assistance related to energy use and future scenarios for U.S. state, local, and tribal jurisdictions.

EPA’s Technical Assistance to Brownfields Communities Program

Matches consultants with communities to support brownfield redevelopment and access to EPA funding.

, , strategy-planningcommunities native-tribal-entity
Environmental Justice Thriving Communities TA Centers

Grant writing, mentoring, skills development, economic development, healthy communities, funding navigation

, communities native-tribal-entity
Rural Partners Network

The Rural Partners Network (RPN) is an alliance of federal agencies and commissions working directly with rural communities to expand rural prosperity through job creation, infrastructure development, and community improvement.

, technical-assistancecommunities native-tribal-entity
Water & Waste Disposal Technical Assistance & Training Grants

Qualified, private nonprofits provide technical assistance and training to identify and evaluate solutions to water and waste problems; helps applicants prepare applications for water and waste disposal loans/grants; and helps associations improve the operation and maintenance of water and waste facilities in eligible rural areas.

EPA Thriving Communities

Helps communities plan and develop transportation and community revitalization activities for underresurced communities.  

USDA: Rural Development Programs

Loans, grants and loan guarantees, and technical assistance to support economic development, community empowerment, agricultural producers and cooperatives, and housing.

Clean Energy Demonstration on Mine Land Technical Assistance

Informs decision-making on topics related to developing clean energy projects on mine land. Through this effort, NREL provides no-cost technical assistance to communities and organizations that supports the development of successful, impactful, and replicable projects in line with CEML program priorities. These priorities are explicitly defined in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

, economic-development economic-remediation
Community Capacity Initiative

ARC’s Community Capacity Initiative program will build capacity throughout Appalachia to enable communities to deploy the substantially increased funding opportunities provided by the Federal Government. Funds will be used to provide large-scale project development assistance.

, technical-assistancecommunities
Ready Appalachia

ARC’s Ready Appalachia program offers flexible funding to organizations in four key economic development pillars: nonprofits, community foundations, local governments, and Local Development Districts, and free training to the Appalachians that work for them.

, , , technical-assistancecommunities ngo non-profit
DOE Advanced Manufacturing and Recycling

DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing and Recycling Grant program provides technical assistance and grants to small and medium manufacturers in former coal communities. The program is available to re-equip, expand or establish a manufacturing or recycling facility for the production or recycling of advanced energy technologies or to re-equip an industrial or manufacturing facility with equipment designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of that facility.

, technical-assistanceprivate-sector
DOE Energy Storage for Social Equity

Energy Storage for Social Equity Initiative assists as many as 15 underserved and frontline communities to leverage energy storage as a means of increasing resilience and maximizing energy flexibility. This funding will help promote an equitable clean energy transition and produce more affordable and reliable electricity.

, communities
DOE Local Energy Action Program

Communities Local Energy Action Program (LEAP) aims to facilitate sustained community-wide economic and environmental benefits primarily through DOE’s clean energy deployment work. This opportunity is specifically open to low-income, energy-burdened communities that are experiencing either environmental justice impacts or economic impacts from a shift away from historical reliance on fossil fuels. Under Communities LEAP, DOE matches selected communities with technical assistance providers who assist them with bringing their clean energy planning and economic development vision to life.

, technical-assistancegeneral-public
DOE SolSmart

SolSmart The purpose is to prepare communities to be “open for solar business.” The solar industry is a leading source of American job creation. Attracting solar investment in your community is a great way to promote economic development and new jobs.

, , technical-assistancecommunities local-government
DOE State and Community Energy Programs

State-led technical assistance in energy related training, energy efficiency, block grants and other methods to expand the weatherization provider network to assist low-income families with home energy retrofits.

, technical-assistancestate-government
DOE State and Local Solution Center

State and Local Solution Center provides states and communities with resources addressing strategic energy planning, policy, financing, data management, and technologies to help them implement successful energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

, technical-assistancecommunities state-government
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program Technical Assistance Opportunities

DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant supports local governments, tribes, and states to reduce barriers to achieving their clean energy and energy efficiency goals and maximize project impact. The Program technical assistance (TA) is available via peer networks and cohort-based learning, expert assistance in problem solving, document templates, and more opportunities that help meet specific needs of individual communities.

, technical-assistancecommunities
Technical Assistance for Manufacturers in Former Coal Communities

Manufacturers in Former Coal Communities DOE experts are available to help manufacturers assess what types of assistance would be most impactful based on an individual company’s priorities and challenges focusing on assessing eligibility, enhancing the impact of projects that may be supported and connecting manufacturers to existing programs and resources.     

, technical-assistanceprivate-sector
DOT Thriving Communities

Thriving Communities Initiative This program will support communities with planning and project development of infrastructure projects that increase affordable transportation options, enhance economic opportunity, reduce environmental burdens, improve access and quality of life, and provide other benefits to disadvantaged communities. DOT is partnering with HUD to provide complementary technical assistance as part of the program to improve the coordination of housing and transportation planning to advance residents’ access to opportunity and increase housing supply.

, technical-assistancecommunities
Building Resilient Economies in Coal Communities

The Building Resilient Economies in Coal Communities (BRECC) Initiative is designed to help communities in coal-reliant regions enact place-based, locally driven development strategies to build thriving, resilient economies.

, technical-assistancecommunities
Tribal Electrification Program

Tribal Electrification Program This program is to provide financial and technical assistance to Tribes to increase the number of Tribal homes with zero-emission electricity. Eligible uses: For (1) the provision of electricity to electrified Tribal homes through zero-emissions energy systems. (2) Transitioning electrified Tribal homes to Zero-emissions energy systems; and (3) Associated home repairs and retrofitting necessary to install the zero-emissions energy systems.

Indigenous Economic Development Community of Practice

Indigenous Community of Practice This initiative is designed to convene current and potential EDA tribal grantees to build capacity for project planning and implementation via training and technical assistance for indigenous communities, and to facilitate expanded access to EDA’s economic development funding opportunities for tribes.​

, technical-assistancenative-tribal-entity
EPA Community Revitalization

The Community Revitalization Assistance provides resources from across EPA to help communities protect the environment, improve health, and strengthen their economies.

, technical-assistancecommunities
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund General Assistance & Low-Income & Disadvantaged Communities Grant Program Projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of air pollution, with a particular emphasis on projects in low-income and disadvantaged communities. The objectives of the GGRF are to (1) reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants; (2) deliver benefits to low-income and disadvantaged communities; and (3) mobilize financing and private capital to stimulate additional deployment of greenhouse gas and air pollution reducing projects.

, communities
Water Technical Assistance

EPA engages TA providers to deliver technical, managerial, financial, and administrative support to communities. An EPA representative works with an entity to address a specific request (e.g., applying for a grant and/or loan, addressing basic water and wastewater needs.)

, technical-assistancecommunities
Office of Environmental Health and Engineering

Indian Health Service Sanitation Facilities Construction Program To support the Indian Health Service mission, the Sanitation Facilities Construction Program provides technical and financial assistance to American Tribes and Alaska Native Villages for the cooperative Development and construction of safe drinking water supply, sewage, and solid waste disposal facilities, and related support facilities.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Tribal Assistance

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Tribal Assistance The Tribal Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Center offers TA on mental and substance use disorders, suicide prevention, and mental health promotion using the Strategic Cultural Framework.

Distressed Cities and Persistent Poverty Technical Assistance

The Distressed Cities and Persistent Poverty Technical Assistance (DCTA) program is designed to build capacity of local governments experiencing economic distress and assist local governments and their nonprofit partners in alleviating persistent poverty in specific areas (census tracts). Through DCTA, HUD provides technical assistance (TA) directly to entities serving smaller communities with populations under 50,000.

, , technical-assistancecommunities
HUD Community Compass Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program

The program helps HUD’s customers navigate complex housing and community development challenges by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, tools, capacity, and systems to implement HUD programs and policies successfully.

, , technical-assistancecommunities
CDFI Training and Technical Assistance

The Capacity Building Initiative offers a variety of training and direct technical assistance opportunities to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) to strengthen their organizations and, ultimately, serve distressed communities in new and innovative ways. The education and support tools empower CDFIs to grow, achieve organizational sustainability, and contribute to the revitalization of their communities.

Technical Assistance and Best Practices

State Small Business Credit Initiative Technical Assistance and Best Practices Assistance for Capital Access programs, Collateral Support programs, Loan Guarantee programs, and Venture Capital program.

Broadband Technical Assistance

Broadband Technical Assistance (BTA) provides financial assistance through cooperative agreements to eligible entities to receive or deliver broadband technical assistance and training and supports the development and expansion of broadband cooperatives.

, , , , technical-assistancecooperative educational-institution local-government non-profit state-government
USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Technical Assistance and Training

Loans, grants and loan guarantees, and technical assistance to support economic development, community empowerment, agricultural producers and cooperatives, and housing.

, , , , technical-assistancecommunities general-public native-tribal-entity non-profit private-sector
Rural Placemaking Innovation Challenge

Rural Placemaking Innovation Challenge (RPIC) This program helps provide planning support, technical assistance, and training to foster placemaking activities in rural communities.

USDA Rural Innovation Workshops

Create a forum for public and private partners to help increase access to workforce opportunities across rural America through in-person workshops.

, , technical-assistancecommunities non-profit
DOT Equitable Transportation Community (ETC) Explorer

The Equitable Transportation Community is an interactive web application that uses 2020 Census Tracts and data, to explore the cumulative burden communities experience, as a result of underinvestment in transportation, in the following five components: Transportation Insecurity, Climate and Disaster Risk Burden, Environmental Burden, Health Vulnerability, and Social Vulnerability.

DOT Rural Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Toolkit

The Rural EV Infrastructure Toolkit serves as a one-stop shop to help rural stakeholders scope, plan, and fund EV charging infrastructure.

other-infrastructure technical-assistance transportation-infrastructurecommunities
Federal Highway Administration Technical Assistance

This is a listing of formal technical assistance provided by entities or programs that can support disadvantaged communities, biking, multiuse paths, and active transportation.

, , , , , technical-assistancecommunities general-public native-tribal-entity non-profit private-sector state-government
Climate Pollution Reduction Grants

The Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) program will provide grants to states, local governments, tribes, and territories to develop and implement plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful air pollution.

, , technical-assistancelocal-government native-tribal-entity state-government
BroadbandUSA’s Technical Assistance Program

National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s BroadbandUSA team provides expert assistance and support to stakeholders that are interested in broadband infrastructure and digital inclusion programs that advance economic development, education and public safety initiatives.

Federal Highway Administration Technical Assistance/Local Support

Federal Highway Administration Technical Support. FHWA is here to support local public agencies with technical assistance for planning, design, construction, preserving, and improving public roads and in the stewardship of Federal funds.

DOE Energy Improvements in Rural or Remote Areas Technical Assistance

On behalf of the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED), NREL provides no-cost technical assistance to communities and organizations interested in energy improvements in rural or remote areas.

, , , technical-assistancetechnical-assistancecommunities local-government native-tribal-entity state-government
DOT Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

The Federal Highway Administration’s LTAP program is a network of 51 local Centers across the US and in Puerto Rico. The program supports local and rural road agencies across the US by providing training, technical assistance and technology transfer services to help them manage and maintain their roadway systems.

DOT Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP)

The Federal Highway Administration’s TTAP delivers highway curriculum and technical assistance to the 567 federally-recognized tribes. These resources enable them to build workforce capacity and innovatively address roadway network challenges.

USDA Circuit Rider Program – Technical Assistance for Rural Water Systems

This program provides technical assistance to rural water systems that are experiencing day-to-day operational, financial or managerial issues.

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