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We are delivering federal resources to help revitalize America’s energy communities


Find out what your community or organization might be eligible to receive in grants, loans, technical assistance, or other support
Opportunities Currently Identified

(Last updated: 12/06/21)

$ 10 B+

(Last updated: 11/30/21)

Agencies Currently Participating

(Last updated: 11/30/21)


Federal Officials Detail New Funding Opportunities For Energy Communities Available as Part of Historic Infrastructure Bill



Virtual workshop to share key resources and advice on how energy communities can access billions of dollars available to address economic challenges and industrial hardships.


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For generations, the men and women working in America’s Energy Communities fueled the nation’s prosperity

Today, the federal government is committed to providing leadership, and working with coal, oil and gas, and power plant communities to:

Create good-paying jobs

Spur economic revitalization

Remediate environmental degradation

Support energy workers

Guiding Principles

A set of guiding principles was developed to support energy communities, informed by stakeholder listening sessions and a review best practices from other economic development programs

Energy Communities

Given stark declines in coal jobs, even compared to other fossil energy jobs, federal investment will prioritize twenty-five communities reliant on coal production

Funding Opportunities

Up to $38B in existing federal funding opportunities exists today, with more resources on the way, for energy communities to invest in good jobs, infrastructure, environmental cleanup, economic revitalization and more

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