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§ 48C Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit Site Review Tool

The Energy Communities IWG’s new Site Review Tool is a resource for manufacturers and investors interested in developing or expanding clean energy manufacturing projects in § 48C energy communities and nationwide. An interactive map, the tool is tailored to support manufacturers and investors involved in or interested in developing projects that align with the goals of the Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit (§ 48C) program. The tool provides access to publicly available information on facilities, nearby infrastructure, and community attributes, including § 48C energy community census tracts. The site screening tool empowers community leaders and developers to promote investment into energy communities and encourages users to learn and explore the diverse range of investment options.

Note that Appendix C of Notice 2024-36 provides the sole means taxpayers may substantiate a tax return position with respect to whether their project is located in a § 48C Energy Communities Census Tract for the second round of § 48C(e) program.

For general questions or comments, contact Contact@EnergyCommunities.gov.


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