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Downtown Pineville Revitalization Panel

Downtown Pineville Revitalization Panel

Downtown Pineville, Kentucky is revitalizing its downtown after several years of feeling the impacts of being one of the Appalachian Regional Commission’s (ARC) economically distressed counties. The town is putting a significant emphasis on the new energy economy and infrastructure, including restaurants, businesses and housing. Downtown Pineville recently rolled out incentives for upkeeping properties, and recent renovations, such as that of the local theater that flooded in 1977, are bringing life into downtown. Yoga sessions, exercise classes, sip and paints and new restaurants are just the beginning of what has been coming to the downtown area since the revitalization process began. The town is also in the midst of a streetscape project, funded in part by an ARC grant. The next phase is expected to include decorative sidewalks, public WIFI, café tables and other tourist amenities that will attract new people to the area. 

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