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Community Economic Development Projects

Open Date:


Close Date:


Upcoming Milestones:

Eligible Recipients:

  • Faith-based Organizations
  • Non-profits

Program Purpose:

  • Economic Development
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Low-income Assistance

Reserved for Energy



Office of Community Services, Administration for Children & Families

Funded by:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Community Services (OCS) will solicit applications to award approximately $15.2 million in Community Economic Development (CED) discretionary award funds to Community Development Corporations (CDC) for well-planned, financially viable, and innovative projects to enhance job creation and business development for individuals with low income. CED awards will be made as part of a broader strategy to address objectives such as decreasing dependency on federal programs, chronic unemployment, and community deterioration in urban and rural areas. CED projects are expected to actively recruit individuals with low income to fill the positions created by CED-funded development activities, to assist those individuals in successfully maintaining employment, and to ensure that the businesses and jobs created remain viable for at least one year after the award project period. CED projects can be non-construction or construction projects, however, short-term construction jobs associated with preparing for business startup or expansion are not counted when determining the number of jobs created under the CED program as those jobs are temporary in nature. OCS encourages applicants to target rural and underserved areas in states with current projects.

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Funding Details

Funding Source:
Funding Type:
Grant - no match
Total Amount Available:
Limit per Applicant:
Estimated Awards:

Applicant Guidance

Contact Information

Chanel Jackson

(202) 969-3633

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