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Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) Operations: Technical Assistance Field Managers and Clearinghouse/Mission Integrator

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Upcoming Milestones:

Submission Deadline: April 23, 2024 by 3:00 PM ET

Eligible Recipients:

Program Purpose:

  • Education and Workforce Development

Reserved for Energy



Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (MESC)

Funded by:

U.S. Department of Energy


DOE is making up to $16 million in funding available for hiring technical assistance field managers across the Industrial Assessment Center (IACs) network and for building a clearinghouse to support IACs and assist small- and medium-manufacturers (SMMs).

The IAC Program is a program that DOE has been operating for over 40 years to reinvigorate U.S. energy manufacturing by providing hands-on learning opportunities to prospective workers and by delivering operational improvement recommendations to small and medium manufacturers. Last year, DOE began an expansion of this program from its prior exclusive focus on 4-year universities to also include partnerships with vocational schools, community colleges, and union training programs. This expansion enables DOE to support the advancement of a diverse US energy workforce for all Americans, even those that don’t hold a 4-year degree.

In expanding this program, we’ve found that the shorter tenure of these students, as well as the likelihood that they might pursue their advanced education in a non-continuous fashion, calls for enhanced coordination at the national level. Technical assistance field managers, who already operate within the relevant educational sphere, could address these challenges by providing both targeted assistance to ensure students obtain the maximum benefit from their training, as well as defining robust performance metrics that provide reliable data on program performance. Furthermore, a clearinghouse “mission integrator” could ensure the IAC network is more than the sum of its parts while also preserving space for different parts of the program to operate efficiently and independently as appropriate. DOE seeks to equip IACs with experienced field managers and mission integrators who will be integral to operations and impact of the IAC Program.

Through this solicitation, DOE is seeking two types of partner entities: technical assistance field managers that support the traditional IACs and the new centers at community colleges, union training programs, and trade schools, as well as a manager for a new external-facing clearinghouse with resources for manufacturers and other interested stakeholders. DOE is seeking:

  • Technical Assistance Field Manager (for university-based IACs): The entity in this role will provide technical expertise in the form of technical reviews, training to students and staff, and extending program impacts beyond affected entities. Expected applicants are university-based clean energy or industrial workforce training programs, or entities closely familiar with such programs.
  • Expansion Technical Assistance Field Manager: The Expansion Field Manager is like the Technical Assistance Field Manager, but with more of a focus on the IAC expansion to community colleges, union training programs, and trade schools. This role will provide hands-on support for development and deployment of operations, assessments, and outreach activities.
  • Clearinghouse Manager/Mission Integrator: this position will involve developing a web-based clearinghouse of available expertise, tools, and resources to support IACs and assist small- and medium-sized manufacturers with industrial processes and energy efficiency, helping ensure pertinent information flows seamlessly between IACs and SMMs, and harmonizing and integrating activities across the IAC program. Expected applicants include entities experienced with universities, community colleges, unions, trade schools, manufacturers, website and database development, and outreach and communications.

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