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Pipeline Technical Assistance Grant (TAG)

Open Date:


Close Date:


Upcoming Milestones:

Eligible Recipients:

  • Local Governments

Program Purpose:

  • Health and Safety
  • Technical Assistance
  • Transportation Infrastructure

Reserved for Energy



Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Funded by:

U.S. Department of Transportation


Please note: Applicants for the TAG must be local communities or groups of individuals (not including for-profit entities) related to the safety and associated environmental mitigation of pipeline facilities in local communities, other than facilities regulated under Public Law 93-153 (43 U.S.C. § 1651 et seq.). Eligible applicants include cities, towns, villages, counties, Indian Tribes, parishes, townships, and similar governmental subdivisions, or consortiums of such subdivisions, and groups of individuals; but does not include for-profit entities. States, universities, and for-profit entities are not eligible for TAG funding.

Description: Pipeline safety and associated environmental protection are a shared responsibility and informed communities play a vital role in the safety and reliability of pipeline operations. The Pipeline Safety Information Grants to Communities: Technical Assistance Grants (TAG) program (Assistance Listing 20.710) provides funding to local communities and groups of individuals for technical assistance related to pipeline safety. The program also provides opportunities that strengthen the depth and quality of public participation in the safe operation of pipelines in and around communities. Technical assistance is defined as engineering or other scientific analysis of pipeline safety issues.

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Funding Details

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Funding Type:
Grant - no match
Total Amount Available:
Limit per Applicant:
Estimated Awards:

Applicant Guidance

Contact Information

Tremayne Terry


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