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NETL’s Brian Anderson to Lead Federal Effort to Revitalize Coal and Power Plant Economies

NETL Director Brian Anderson, Ph.D., has been named Executive Director of the Biden Administration’s Interagency Working Group (IWG) on Coal and Power Plant Communities and Economic Revitalization.  The IWG was established by Executive Order 14008, Sec. 218 on Jan. 27, 2021, to ensure the shift to a clean energy economy creates good-paying union jobs, spurs economic revitalization, remediates environmental degradation, and supports energy workers in coal, oil and gas and power plant communities across the country.  Recently, the IWG prepared an initial report that includes recommendations to catalyze robust economic activity and support workers in America’s energy sector. NETL supported the drafting of the report through energy sector analysis and as Secretariat for the IWG.  

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